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· 6 min read
Brad Collette
Rebecca Dodd

Should hiring managers base a decision on someone’s GitHub profile? No. But will it ever hurt to have a robust GitHub account? Also no.

I’m a hiring manager for a new open core company, and I watched the discussion under @manuel_frigerio’s tweet blow up with amusement. The debate about using people’s GitHub profiles to make hiring decisions isn’t new. The typical backlash ensued and Manuel has since made his tweets private. And sure, using someone’s GitHub profile, particularly their contribution graph, to judge their skills as a developer is flawed.

· 7 min read
Brad Collette
Rebecca Dodd

FreeCAD's 'topological naming problem' is legendary. It's frequently cited as the number one reason holding back widespread adoption of FreeCAD for commercial use.

Developer RealThunder introduced a fix to the problem years ago, but it has never been fully incorporated into the core product.

Will FreeCAD ever have a solution? Yes. But it’s going to take time.

Let’s back up a bit.