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Who We Are

Brad Collette

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

  • Loves building innovative and accessible solutions for the engineering community
  • Principal Path workbench (CNC) developer and maintainer
  • Author of two books on FreeCAD
  • Co-founder and board member of the FreeCAD Project Association

John Dupuy

Senior Software Engineer

  • Researcher at heart, loves solving challenges
  • Provides code review and management for the project aiming to mitigate topology naming issues in FreeCAD
  • Lead developer working on Ondsel Lens and its API
  • Develops billing and internal admin services

Aik-Siong Koh, PhD

Senior Software Engineer

  • Passionate about solving real-life problems with mathematics and engineering
  • Developed 3D motion simulation for Autodesk Inventor (IN-Motion), Ansys SpaceClaim (SC-Motion), Alibre Design CAD
  • Made his original kinematic and multi-body dynamics solver available for FreeCAD’s integrated assembly workbench.

Amritpal Singh

Senior Software Engineer

  • Full-stack developer who loves making web applications for the real world.
  • Contributed the Reinforcement workbench as a Google Summer of Code student
  • Mentored other GSoC students in subsequent runs of the programme
  • Developed much of the back-end and the front-end of Ondsel Lens

Pierre-Louis Boyer

Software Engineer

  • Enjoys building things from scratch, whether it’s software or real-world products
  • Has been hacking on UX/UI improvements and the Sketcher workbench since 2022
  • Lead developer of the integrated assembly workbench
  • Lead developer and maintainer of the Ondsel Lens addon for FreeCAD

Adrián Insaurralde Avalos

DevOps Engineer

  • Has been contributing patches to FreeCAD since 2020
  • FreeCAD release manager since 2022
  • Maintains Ondsel’s CI and helps building the Ondsel version of FreeCAD

Alexandre Prokoudine

Researcher and Content Marketer

  • Passionate about FOSS projects that help turn ideas into reality
  • Does planning, research, and writing/filming of new content

Pieter Hijma

Software Engineer

  • Researcher, open source software and hardware enthusiast
  • Developed the OSH Automated Documentation workbench for FreeCAD
  • Porting the Ondsel Lens addon to a new version of Lens