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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run the build of Ondsel ES for Windows?

After unpacking the 7zip archive, please navigate to the 'bin' folder and double-click 'freecad.exe'. This is a temporary workaround. We will provide an installer soon.

My operating system complains that your builds are not signed. Are you legit?

We are in extended validation process, we will sign our builds as soon as we get the token.

I want to design models for 3D printing. Is there a getting started tutorial for Ondsel ES?

Most FreeCAD tutorials out there largely apply. For example, you can refer to this quick tutorial by FreeCAD Academy.

Is there a tutorial for using the integrated assembly workbench?

An introduction to concepts and general workflow is available in our blog. You can also watch a recent extended tutorial by MangoJelly.