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· 10 min read
Alexandre Prokoudine
Yorik van Havre

Even calm and steady professionals can get to the point where they’ve just had enough. And for many architects out there, having to use Autodesk Revit on a daily basis is really that kind of a frustrating experience.

Revit is what most architects learn at school and then use at work. To give credit where credit is due, it has many fine points. You don’t get to be #1 if you don’t get the job done. However, it’s really slow, there are data intellectual property concerns, the subscription price is rising year over year, Autodesk management doesn’t seem to have a coherent vision for the product’s future and they don’t listen to customers nearly as much as they should have, and that’s not even the entire list of issues.

In this post, we’ll focus on just one aspect of this love-hate relationship: interoperability. Let’s talk about IFC and why Autodesk should take notes from emerging free and open-source tools for building information modeling (BIM) authoring.

· 7 min read
Brad Collette
Rebecca Dodd

“I like to have options. I don’t like the idea of entire industries being beholden unto the whims of big software developers.” — Taste_of_Based on r/PLC

When we talk to customers, the question of import/export comes up repeatedly. Working with DWG files is necessary for collaborating with upstream or downstream partner organizations, but these proprietary formats make things extremely difficult if anyone in the chain is not using an official Autodesk tool.