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About Ondsel

Ondsel is an open-core company founded by Brad Collette together with Open Core Ventures. Ondsel builds on top of the venerable FreeCAD solid modeling tool to bring commercial features that make FreeCAD more useful to commercial users.

Why we're doing this

Human beings are creative and social creatures. Not everyone creates physical things but Everyone is a maker of ideas. We enjoy sharing our ideas, talking about them and improving them. Sometimes those ideas turn into physical things that have beauty, utility, and value.

We believe that everyone deserves access to powerful tools to help them express their ideas, share them with other people, and use them to produce useful things that benefit all of us.

Ondsel wants to make powerful, efficient, and beautiful design tools available to more people.

Why we are using and building open-source

We believe that, in the long run, open-source is the best way to build software. It builds on the best instincts of human beings: the desire to create, share and improve our ideas. Through its inherently transparent nature, open-source software also builds trust, encourages improvement, and allows for experimentation.

Open-source software is also bigger than any individual contributor and longer lived than any business or organization. An individual company or project may die but if the open-source software has value, it will be adopted and continued by someone else.

Ondsel's mission is eternal. We hope we're around for a long time to be part of it but if not, someone else can pick up where we leave off and continue.

What our name means

Ondsel is a sound-alike word for the dutch word rondsel which means 'cog' or 'pinion'. A pinion gear is a small but critical gear that engages with a larger gear to get work done.

Pinion Gear

Ondsel is one part of the larger FreeCAD and Open-Source ecosystem. We want to be part of your design toolkit too.

Get in touch

548 Market St, PMB 38682, San Francisco, California 94104