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Product Roadmap

The things we design with engineering tools are a little bit like the source code of a computer program: They are read much more often than they are written. We put a great deal of effort into creating these designs so that we can extract even greater value later.

The design for a building is useful to construction crew in the form of blueprints and drawings. It's also useful to the architect and buyer to agree on vision. It's useful to study light and sound properties. Contractors can extract Bills of Material from it. Maybe, one day, we'll use the digital models of our houses to create VR representations of our real world.

Ondsel's products help extract more utility and value from your digital designs. Our product roadmap is still evolving but look for our products to focus on three areas.


We'll make it easier to take model data from FreeCAD and make it accessible to collaborators. Visualization, exploration, and annotation are key concepts.

Parametric cloud execution

For parametric models — those that are designed to be modified by adjusting parameters — it isn't enough to export the model in a widely supported format. Exporting loses the parametric nature of the model. FreeCAD provides the ability to embed the full CAD engine in a web service.


It's hard to anticipate exactly where an organization will find value in its digital designs. Whatever we expect will certainly change with time. We'll build our products to integrate digital designs into existing workflows and organizational processes whenever we can.